PCR Welcomes Andrew Unger

PCR Business Systems is thrilled to welcome Andrew Unger to our team as our newest Akron IT support specialist and onsite technician.

Why now is a smart time to outsource your IT

Now, more than ever, Northeast Ohio businesses are outsourcing their IT. Here’s why:

Technology takes up time and resources that many companies can no longer allocate for. Whether it’s continuously updating software and programs, fixing broken computers and hardware, keeping networks online, or safeguarding critical data from the increased risk of a cyber-attack, staying up to date with technology requires a great deal of time, expertise, and staff hours.

With many businesses just now getting back to normal, executives are finding they are not prepared to deal with these technology demands. Employees already have too much on their plates. Even businesses that have their own in-house IT technician are finding that their technology is too much for one person to handle alone.

In addition, executives are finding that budgeting for IT can be extremely difficult right now. This is because technology is evolving faster than ever and companies need to constantly update their IT to stay competitive within their industries. Furthermore, compliance laws and cyber threats require businesses to have the highest level of data security in place and to monitor their systems 24/7 to prevent a data breach or ransomware attack.

Outsourcing your IT eliminates these problems (and many others)!

Outsourcing your IT services to a company like PCR Business Systems helps you:

  • Save Time

IT Managed Service Providers like PCR Business Systems have an entire team of IT specialists dedicated to your helping business. This allows you and your staff to focus on doing your jobs.

  • Eliminate downtime

Outsourced IT companies like PCR monitor your networks around the clock to keep your business online and operational. In addition, PCR has the fastest helpdesk in Northeast Ohio. So, if a problem does arise, we are only a call or email away from fixing the issue right away.

  • Rest easy

Professional outsourced IT providers in Akron, OH specialize in cyber security services. PCR Business Systems is SOC 2, Type 2 Certified—meaning that we have been audited by a third party to guarantee we have the highest levels of security controls in place. This is extremely important for companies that have critical client data they must protect, and compliance laws they must follow.

  • Budget your IT 

Akron outsourced IT companies generally offer flat rate, all-inclusive IT services that come with no additional fees — making it easy for you to plan your annual IT budget.


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How to Prevent a Ransomware Attack

Northeast Ohio companies that fall victim to a ransomware attack (and that do not have their files properly backed up) usually only have two choices—both of which could put a company out of business.

The first choice presented by cybercriminals is to pay a ransom for the release of the data they are holding hostage. This could cost your business hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars (it is reported that Colonial Pipeline paid upwards of $5 million for the release of their files) and there is no guarantee you will even get your data back. It is estimated that less than a quarter of companies who paid cybercriminals a ransom in 2020 got all of their data returned.

The second option is to do nothing and risk the confidential data of your customers being released. Not only could this destroy the reputation of your business, but you could potentially face lawsuits or fines for violating compliance laws.

As you can see, neither of these options are good and many businesses that fell prey to a ransomware attack never recovered. The best way to deal with a ransomware attack is to prevent one from ever taking place in the first place.

Here are five things your business must do to keep cyber criminals from holding your files and client data hostage.

    1. Keep all programs and operating systems up to date with the latest patches.
    2. Use and maintain proper antivirus software, email filters, and firewalls while regularly monitoring your system for possible infections.
    3. Use multi-factor authentication for all logins and transactions.
    4. Train staff on what fishing attacks look like and how they can prevent them.
    5. Backup your systems regularly and ensure your backups work.

To further limit the chances of a successful ransomware attack on your business, it is also important to only work with SOC Audited outsourced IT service providers like PCR Business Systems. PCR has been SOC 2, Type 2 Certified to guarantee that we have the highest level of security controls in place to protect your critical data. You can learn more about what the SOC 2 Audit is and what it means for your business here.


Have questions about protecting your business from ransomware attacks? Contact PCR President, Pat Carroll for a free Q&A.

PCR has been SOC 2, Type 2 Certified!

PCR Business Systems was recently SOC 2, Type 2 certified. Learn why you should only work with SOC certified Akron IT services providers.

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