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What We Do

We strive to deliver the best technology solutions for your business.

  • Supplement Your IT Staff
  • Manged IT Services
  • Cyber Security Services
  • Cloud Services
Supplement Your IT Staff

Supplement Your IT Staff

You don’t have to fully outsource your IT to us; we also offer supplemental services. Often times, larger companies will have their own IT. However, we help with the strategy, security, growth planning, and network management aspects of your IT.

  • We Have The Best Help Desk
    We have a fully staffed, local help desk, operated by a wide range of technical experts that are ready to address and resolve your issues immediately.
  • We Personalize Our Services To Fit Your Needs
    Our staff can supplement yours, or act as your entire IT department. No matter the amount of support you need, we have you covered.
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Manged IT Services

Managed IT Services

To outsource your IT, look to the experts at PCR. Many companies don’t have the resources to staff a dedicated, on-site IT department. That’s where our managed IT services come in.

  • 24/7 Monitoring and Support
    We provide 24/7 monitoring so that you can feel secure in your network at any time of day, even after you leave the office.
  • Data Backup and Protection
    We make sure that your data is protected from all threats and cyber attacks. Our data backup solution is reliable and ensures that you are prepared for when disaster strikes.
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Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Services

As cyber security threats across the internet grow, so does the need to protect your organization. Our cybersecurity services and information security technology help your business to operate successfully without worrying about the possibility of threats.

  • Threat Remediation
    With our threat remediation services, we provide a plan for when disaster strikes. We minimize downtime and get your network up and running more efficiently than ever.
  • Secure Email Management
    We offer the best spam filter as well as training for employees on what to do when they receive a phishing email.
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Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Need help understanding why the cloud is important and how it can help your business? Our expert team of IT consultants will answer any questions you may have about cloud services and computing.

  • Hybrid Cloud
    Hybrid cloud offerings are the perfect solution for companies looking for the high-level security of a private option with the flexibility and low cost of a public platform.
  • Office 365 Migration
    There are several benefits to making the switch to Office 365. Our Office 365 Migration services make the process of migrating easy and seamless for your team.
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