WannaCry’s Long-Lasting Effect On Cybersecurity

The cycle of news today moves very quickly, and certain stories can be lost in its wake. The massive WannaCry ransomware attack took place more than a year ago, and many people have forgotten about it at this point. The WannaCry attack spread worldwide in a matter of days, affecting more than 230,000 computer systems. The cyber attack bypassed antivirus software and heavily encrypted data on many of those computers. This caused all sorts of issues across many industries. Pieces of sensitive information in critical infrastructure were blocked from access and unretrievable.

It Is Still Out There

The self-propagating nature of WannaCry means that it is still out there and has not stopped trying to infect more systems. The number of WannaCry ransomware attacks has slowed, but it still one of the largest across the globe. This situation clearly dictates how many people and businesses do not take their security seriously enough. It also stresses how we must pay attention to threats even after they have left the news cycle. This far-reaching and long-lasting teaches the valuable lesson that no one can guarantee your complete online safety. However, there are safeguards you can put in place to defend the continuity of your business.

There Are Precautions You Can Take

Many people think a cyber attack will never happen to them. You might think that you will never get in a car accident, but that is not a good enough reason to not have car insurance. There is even a patch that Microsoft put out to protect systems from this piece of ransomware months before the attack ever hit, but many organizations still haven’t applied the update. The WannaCry attack is a perfect demonstration of why companies should be investing in robust and responsive data backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Investing in business continuity and data recovery strategies will protect your systems and the future of your business. A data breach is much less costly when you only have to restore your information systems from scratch. Virus protection like firewalls, intrusion detection, penetration testing, and network security and compliance are crucial defenses to have, but just putting walls up is never enough. You need to know that even when the defenses fail, your operations will be safe.

Let Us Protect Your Critical Business Functions

You can rely on PCR Business Systems for backup solutions that make sense. Our solutions will stay out of your way and let you have the peace of mind to go about your typical work day knowing that your data is safe and protected. Even when the next WannaCry attack happens, you can just restore straight from the backups and get back to work.

We can help you build your business continuity plan with reliable recovery time objectives and targeted risk management to prepare for the most likely threats. Contact PCR Business Systems today to learn more about our services and how we can help you defend your productivity to achieve your goals.