PCR Fitness Challenge

Fitness and productivity go hand in hand!

A happy and healthy employee has more energy for work, is generally more positive and focused, and is just more likely to get things done! That’s why—in addition to aiming to improve our overall health and wellness—several members of the PCR team recently joined (and completed) the TrAk Athletics Fitness Challenge.

The Details:

Members of the PCR Team began participating in the event on March 9, 2019 with a kick-off workout and weigh-in. The official challenge ran through April 6.

The Goal:

To get fit so that we can be our best selves in and out of the office.

Kevin lost an amazing 17 pounds!

The Rules:

Points were scored for fat-loss, attendance and workouts completed, and cash prizes were handed out based on the amount of body fat lost.

The Results:

As a team we lost well over 65 pounds!!! The big winners (or losers) were Kevin McQuillen, who lost a remarkable 17 pounds and 10% body fat, and Josh Huffman who lost 15.7 pounds. Incredible job, guys!

Overall everyone did great!!!

The TrAk Athletics Fitness Challenge was just a small part of our long-term goal to become more fit as a team, and we plan to continue this trend of being a happier and healthier work staff here at PCR.

We hope you join us in doing the same!