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Hybrid Cloud

Find the right solution for your business.

Unsure of which would be best for your business? Our hybrid cloud offering may be the perfect solution.

The Best of Both Worlds

Even though there are several benefits to a cloud solution for your business, many companies are still hesitant and haven’t adopted cloud services into their workplace. This usually stems from a misunderstanding of what the cloud is and how it can benefit their business. Or, a company might be unsure of what cloud offering is best for their business. If you can’t choose which cloud option is the best fit for your business, hybrid cloud computing may be the perfect solution.

PCR Business Systems offers hybrid cloud computing for businesses looking for a migration option that doesn’t entirely change their infrastructure. Hybrid cloud options are a cost-effective, organized alternative to other cloud platforms, and PCR has the tools and resources to help you find the best option.

What is Hybrid Cloud Computing?

Hybrid cloud infrastructure is a composition of two or more distinct cloud infrastructure (private, community, or public) that remain unique entities but are bound together by standardized or proprietary technology that enables data and application portability. In simple terms, hybrid cloud computing means using multiple clouds for a completely customizable solution.

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Computing

Hybrid cloud solutions are the perfect solution for companies looking to find the control and high-level security of a private option with the flexibility of a low-cost public platform. They are an effective solution for businesses with a tight focus on security but unique demands. What truly makes a hybrid cloud model beneficial for so many companies?

  • Cost-Effective: Reduce your total cost of ownership and match your cost patterns to your revenue/demand patterns. With a hybrid cloud, organizations pay for the public cloud portion of their infrastructure only when it is needed.
  • Optimal Security: Create a seamless, agile, and secure environment by placing your sensitive customer data on a dedicated server that you have more control over.
  • Increased Flexibility and Organization: With a hybrid cloud, you get extremely scalable and flexible designed servers. A hybrid cloud enables a variety of choices as to how you can deliver IT services. You can take advantage of public, private, or in-house clouds while mitigating the risks of choosing just one cloud solution.

Ultimately, a hybrid cloud solution allows organizations to leverage public cloud services without offloading all of their data into a third-party data center. This provides a great deal of flexibility for companies looking to keep their infrastructure intact.

Enterprise Agility

A winning hybrid approach is more than just choosing between a private and public option. Each company needs their own, practical infrastructure to truly succeed. At PCR, we help businesses understand hybrid cloud computing and discuss if it would be right for their business. If you are considering a hybrid cloud option and want to learn more, contact PCR today for a free network audit.

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