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Hosted Private Cloud

Secure and dedicated storage configured just for you.

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Private cloud solutions with custom configuration options.


A Powerful Computing Environment

Cloud solutions provide scalability, flexibility, and transparency for businesses and help manage their critical data. Are you looking for a cloud solution specifically to address your IT requirements and meet the high demands of your organization? A hosted private cloud platform may be the perfect option.

PCR’s private cloud hosting services are designed to maximize the value of running workloads on a secure private cloud platform. Hosted and managed by PCR, each private cloud consists of its own specific units of processing, power, storage, memory capacity, and network services.

Benefits of Hosted Private Cloud Solutions

With so many options for data storage and server hosting, it can be difficult to choose which one is right for your business. As a private cloud hosting company, PCR offers our partners the best in cloud integration, migration, and ongoing support for a high-perform cloud system. There are many benefits to choosing a hosted private cloud solution for your business, including:

  • Increased security management and compliance services
  • Optimal flexibility and scalability with increased storage options
  • Excellent resource management with your own cloud solution without extra responsibility
  • Cost savings due to minimal hardware concerns, software licensing, and not having to buy a physical server
  • User-friendly dashboard for simple access
  • Secure, dedicated computing and networking infrastructure
  • Flexible managed services provided by PCR

All of our private cloud and managed hosting services are designed to benefit your business. Ask us about the benefits of a hosted private cloud option, and we can discuss if your company would benefit from them.

Like the idea of flexibility but concerned about security on the cloud?

PCR’s hosted cloud offers a flexible solution with guaranteed security.

Secure Your Network & Save Money

The number of hackers across the internet is growing every day, and these cyber attackers are finding new ways to access your sensitive information. Some information is better kept on local servers, but a private cloud solution means you get to choose your own stack and fine-tune it exactly how you’d like it. When it comes to a managed private cloud, you can rest assured knowing only your data is being stored in the cloud.

With the private cloud, not only do you get all of the great benefits of virtualization and security, but it can be cheaper and less of a hassle than hosting your own servers or buying dedicated servers. Both public and private cloud provide cost saves, but the private cloud brings a lot of benefits if it is a good fit for your business.

Private Cloud Managed Hosting Services

PCR provides world-class IT support for our cloud hosting services. If you are a company looking for the flexibility and scalability of a hosted private cloud option, contact PCR today to learn more about our services.