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Desktop as a Service

Capitalize on the cloud with the fast-growing DaaS offering.

Cloud computing and IT management from PCR can make your job easier.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Do you want to provide applications, content and data anytime, anywhere on any device? Do you also want to simplify desktop operations, improve security, manage costs and help your business? Desktop virtualization provides a high-quality user experience while managing security and total cost of ownership. Desktop as a Service (DaaS) allows you to enjoy the benefits of desktop virtualization without having to build and manage your own infrastructure.

DaaS is a desktop virtualization service that is hosted on the cloud, so users can access their virtual desktops and applications wherever they are going using whichever device they need. As a desktop as a service provider, PCR Business Systems deploys the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), and we handle all of the back-end infrastructure and maintenance. We manage the responsibility of your data storage, backup, network security and future upgrades.

DaaS Benefits Your Whole Organization

For employees, DaaS provides a high-quality experience on any device. For IT staff, DaaS is scalable, simple to deploy, and highly secure. And for your organization, DaaS improves agility and productivity while lowering costs. Simply put, DaaS allows you to access your information quickly and easily from multiple locations. It’s easy to see the many benefits of a DaaS solution for your organization. But, if you’re still not convinced, additional advantages of DaaS include:

  • Data security
  • Reliability
  • Personalization
  • Increase in performance
  • Uninterrupted connectivity
  • Disaster recovery
  • Minimized complexity
  • Total cost reduction
  • Easy platform migration

By keeping your data secure and providing ease of access for all employees, DaaS can significantly increase business performance.

Achieve Optimum Mobility and Performance

While some companies hesitate to move their data off-site because they are afraid of the security and safety, your information is much safer within a secure data center than in your in-house servers. With a DaaS cloud solution, you will be more comfortable and experience less downtime from hardware limitations. No more running back to the office for that flash drive that you forgot. Working with a service provider that understands best practices can guarantee that you experience all of the great benefits of a DaaS cloud solution.

PCR Business Systems has IT expertise and technical experience with cloud solutions. So, while you may be unsure about desktop virtualization, we can help make the process of switching to a cloud solution easy and painless. Once you choose PCR as your remote desktop services manager, your data will be at your fingertips, and your life will be more simple. Access your data from home, from the office, or on-the-go with a DaaS. If you want professional help managing, protecting and storing your data in the cloud, contact PCR today. We offer windows remote desktop service and can answer all of your questions about the cloud.

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