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Antivirus and Intrusion Protection

How strong is your network’s security? Secure your network with ease with PCR Business Systems.

Together, our antivirus solution and intrusion protection service will combat threats.

Are You Protected From Viruses?

We understand how overwhelming it can be to choose an intrusion protection system for your business. Unless you’re an IT expert, it can be hard to decide which solution would be the best fit. And the longer you wait, the more at risk you will be. While there are several things you need to do to ensure your network is protected from viruses, having an antivirus solution and an intrusion protection service in place should definitely be on the list.

Whether you are aiming to secure information at an offsite data center or protect your network from external threats, PCR Business Systems has the right solution for you. By implementing our cutting-edge antivirus solution, we will help you to be proactive and keep your information safe. All it takes is one virus to slow down business operations and cost your company both time and money. You shouldn’t allow your network to be vulnerable without an antivirus solution; PCR will help you to stay safe at all times.

Our Antivirus Solution

As a managed IT services provider, PCR offers comprehensive services to secure your network and protect you against threats; this includes providing an antivirus software solution. We offer the ESET NOD32 program to prevent, detect, and remove malware.

ESET NOD32—Antivirus for Windows

We are proud to provide the ESET NOD32 Antivirus to our partners. Commonly known as NOD32, this antivirus software package is made by the Slovak company ESET. ESET NOD32 protects more than 110 million users worldwide.

Our antivirus solution protects against all types of malware including:

  • Viruses
  • Ransomware
  • Rootkits
  • Worms
  • Spyware

NOD32 protects your private information against ransomware and phishing. With this software, you can work efficiently on the internet without any slowdown. Enjoy the full power of your computer with the ESET NOD32 software. We are proud to partner with ESET to offer the essential internet security businesses need to stay safe.

Intrusion Protection

Our intrusion protection services proactively protect you from threats. We implement firewalls and take intruder detection measures to prevent threats from infiltrating your network in the first place. If you don’t have intrusion protection, you’re already at risk. Give PCR a call today to learn more about how you can actively combat threats.

Contact PCR For All of Your IT Security Needs

It’s important to keep your confidential business information safe while ensuring the security of your customers’ data. Plus, you don’t want a virus or another threat to slow you down. You can’t afford to have your sensitive data out there and vulnerable to theft. PCR offers free consultations from our certified security experts so that we can identify your weak areas and answer any questions you may have before beginning a partnership. To learn more about our antivirus software solution, intrusion protection services, or to request a free consultation, contact PCR business systems today.

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