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The Fred Factor

“With a little extra effort the ordinary can become extraordinary.”

Learn how to bring fresh energy and creativity to your life and work by requesting a copy of The Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn. 


Mark Sanborn uses the example of Fred, a mail carrier who constantly went out of his way to go above and beyond for everyone he encountered.  He took what some would consider a “mundane” job and continuously went the extra mile to make the lives of everyone he encountered better.  Sanborn provides four simple principals that will help you bring fresh energy and creativity to your life and work.   The goal of the book is to show the readers how they too can think, act and become more “Fred-like.”

Why I Liked It

  • Fast Read/Listen- I listened to the audio book and was done in a few pickups/drops offs.  This book is less than 115 pages would be a super-fast read.
  •  Message Relevant to ANY reader, not just business owners- I think we all need the reminder to be more “Fred-like” and this book provides a simple way to do just that.

Top 3 Takeaways

  1. Practice Acts of the Extraordinary Regularly This was my favorite take away from this book.  Instead of random acts of kindness, why not practice intentional kindness and actions all the time?  Imagine if we all worked hard at this?
  2. How to become more “Fred-Like”  I loved the simple explanation and practices offered in this book that encourages everyone to become more “Fred-like.”
  3. Developing Other Freds This book contains a simple process for developing other Freds.  This is valuable information for any leader.

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Happy Reading!

Amanda Carroll

Business Development, PCR Business Systems

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