Is your Website a Security Risk?

Small business owners are often shocked to learn that their websites are big targets for hackers. But the harsh reality is that hackers prey on small business sites that don’t have the proper security measures in place. They will use software to steal your passwords, and then insert codes into your site to attack your customers with viruses and steal their personal data. Often without you even knowing about it!

Here are a few simple ways to combat this:

  • Use very strong passwords for FTP/Control Panel/WordPress logins, or 2-factor authentication if available.
  • Use services like or godaddy’s services that scan and monitor your site for any signs of malware and will let you know if your site is compromised.

Or the very best way to ensure your small business website is protected from hackers… Sign up for our FREE Network Security Audit! Normally, we charge at least $500 for this service, but as a prospective client, we’d like to give it to you for free as a way of introducing the PCR Technology Success Process to your company.

During this audit we will come on site and…

  • Pinpoint any exposure to or risk from hackers, viruses, spyware, spam, data loss, power outages, system downtime, and even employee sabotage.
  • Review your system backups to make sure the data CAN be recovered in case of a disaster. You don’t want to discover that your backups were corrupt AFTER a major disaster wiped out your network.
  • Scan your network for hidden spyware and viruses that hackers “plant” in your network to steal information, deliver spam, and track your online activities.
  • Look for hidden problems that cause error messages, slow performance, and/or can crash your network.
  • Answer any questions you have about your network or keeping it running problem free. We can also give you a second opinion on any projects you are considering.

How To Secure Your Free Network Security Audit:  Simply fill out the form on the right side of this page and I will be in contact right away.

Happy (and Safe) Networking,


Patrick Carroll, President
PCR Business Systems