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Vendor Management

We manage your vendor relationships so that you can focus on your business.

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Increase your company’s efficiency with our vendor management services.


Your Vendor Specialists

Many business owners and executives are constantly trying to come up with solutions to some of the most time-consuming issues their company faces. At PCR Business Systems, we have the answers. We have our partners’ best interests in mind and aim to offer comprehensive IT solutions as opposed to just reacting to tickets.

Dealing with third-party IT vendors can easily add extra hours of work and stress to your job every month. What if we told you we could supply consultations and call your vendors on your behalf? The IT professionals at PCR provide vendor management services, so you can focus on doing what you do best – running your business.

What is IT Vendor Management?

Vendor management is a process that allows organizations to control costs, strengthen service, and reduce risk through the process of outsourcing to vendors while extracting the most value from the investment. In IT, this translates to the management and control of vendor contracts, relationships, and performance for the efficient delivery of products and services.

Increase Your Company’s Efficiency

When you are having an issue with your technology and need to speak to the vendor, who is the person that makes the call? An employee? A manager? No matter who is dealing with your IT vendors, chances are this isn’t their primary job. Employees who have to deal with these issues get stressed and pulled away from their regular duties which, in turn, hurts productivity and performance.

You need a central point of contact that can handle all of your IT issues and solve them efficiently and effectively. Our IT professionals are proud to provide this service as a part of our flat-rate managed service contract.

Tired of trying to keep track of your IT vendor contracts?

Our vendor management solution offers you a single point of contact.

PCR’s IT Vendor Management Service Covers:

  • Internet Service Providers
  • Hardware Vendors
  • Document Management Vendors
  • Software Vendors
  • Telecommunications Providers
  • Phone System Vendors
  • Private and Public Cloud Providers
  • Web Hosting Providers
  • Data Centers
  • Payment Processing Vendors
  • Application Vendors

IT Vendor Management Benefits

There are many reasons to have a vendor management partner. How many of these points could your business benefit from?

  • A single point of contact for all IT support needs.
  • Reduced downtime spent on hold, online, or searching for the answers yourself.
  • A knowledgeable IT resource that understands and advocates for your IT infrastructure.
  • Established relationships with a range of IT vendors.
  • We research and communicate with potential new technology vendors; we want you to work with the best partners who will benefit your business.
  • We look at bills and evaluate what you are paying to work with specific vendors, and we save you money where possible.
  • Better pricing, because we’ll negotiate lower rates on your behalf.

Let PCR Be Your Go-To Solution

While IT is an essential part of your business, it can be a headache to deal with all on your own. Allow PCR to step in and manage vendor relationships for you. Not only do we take the responsibility off of your plate, but we aim to get you the best rates and find the best partners for you to work with. To learn more about our vendor management services, contact PCR today.