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Data Backup and Protection

Are you taking measures to backup your company’s data? Our services can help keep your sensitive information safe.

Why fall victim to avoidable problems?

Step Up Your Contingency Plan

Six out of ten businesses will experience a major IT disaster this year, one that could potentially halt production or productivity. These kinds of disasters end up costing the average mid-sized business approximately $10,000 – $60,000 to remedy, and that doesn’t include lost productivity, sales, and negative client perceptions, which can be caused by network downtime. The good news is: these disasters are easily preventable. PCR Business Systems can help you avoid these network disasters with cost-effective backup protection. We provide a full network analysis that focuses on weaknesses to help us propose a data recovery contingency plan for your unique company.

Full Network Analysis

Maintaining the security of your company’s data is more critical than ever. PCR provides a cost-effective, simple solution to ensure that your valuable information is backed up in the case of a disaster. Our data backup and protection services provide you with a full network analysis. Our knowledgeable staff will identify weaknesses in your business and come up with a data recovery contingency plan suited for your unique business.

To find the right plan for your business, we ask important questions like:

  • Does your business have a written backup and disaster recovery plan?
  • Does your business have clear steps to take after a workstation failure?
  • Do you know what to do when crucial operational files are accidentally deleted?
  • Is your data externally backed up offsite and tested?
  • Is your business protected from crippling virus attacks & potential hackers with a secure firewall?
  • Do you have an effective spam filter protecting your email?
  • Is someone monitoring your network for failing or outdated hardware?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, your network is at risk. Your business can benefit from the cost-effective IT managed services and data backup and disaster recovery PCR Business Systems provides. Don’t wait another minute; your network could crash at any time, and if you aren’t thinking ahead, you will lose important data that wasn’t secured ahead of time.

Are You Protected?

Some companies may never think to backup their critical information; others may be using outdated backup software. Either way, without the proper solution in place, you’re at risk. Your data is important, and PCR helps companies withstand cyber attacks, unfortunate disasters, and other network failures.

Don’t fall victim to problems that can be easily avoided. By working with PCR, you can take preventative measures to backup your data so that you aren’t facing huge costs due to an unfortunate catastrophe. If you have questions about network security, firewalls, online data backup or data recovery, then contact PCR Business Systems today. We can offer expert consultation and answer any questions you may have.

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