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Office 365 Migrations

Transform your business with an Office 365 migration.

At PCR, we make Office 365 migrations easy.

Migrating to Office 365

The world of technology is always changing, yet a lot of businesses choose to stick with old servers and outdated software solutions because making the jump to a cloud platform seems like a daunting task. At PCR Business Solutions, our team of consultants is highly experienced in performing Office 365 migrations, and we will make the process simple for you.

Office 365 for businesses provides flexible and familiar tools for collaboration across teams, devices, and platforms. Work with confidence knowing you have control over your data security and compliance with privacy, transparency, and user controls built right in.

Migrating Professionals

We specialize in helping businesses in the process of migrating to the Office 365 platform. Whether you need an Office 365 hybrid migration or an Exchange to Office 365 migration, PCR can help. Not only are we experts at performing Office 365 migrations, but we also help companies understand all the benefits.

Office 365 has several excellent benefits, but working with the right company is what will truly make the migration successful. At PCR, we are highly experienced in performing this service for our clients.

Advantages of Migrating to Office 365

  • Optimize Security: Consolidate all email and scheduling into a single secure solution. Office 365 comes with cutting-edge cloud security so that you can maintain the security and compliance of your messaging environment.
  • Gain Remote Accessibility: Being a cloud-based solution, Office 365 Exchange is available anywhere at any time to all of your employees, giving them access to email, calendars, collaboration, and information from anywhere in the world.
  • Stay On Budget: We help you to understand precisely what your timeline and investment will be for a migration. Plus, with Office 365, you don’t incur unnecessary fees from physical server maintenance.
  • Implement Instant Updates: Unlike most physical servers, cloud options process new updates quickly and seamlessly. Before the cloud, you had to wait for an update and deal with the frustrating installation process. With Office 365, you can implement and enjoy the most recent updates right away with no hassle.
  • Scale Your Service: Billing for Office 365 is contingent on what you use. Stop paying for a solution that doesn’t fit your business needs; with Office 365, you can make changes as needed without the headache.

Ready to Migrate to Office 365?

We have helped dozens of companies migrate to the cloud; therefore, we know how to get your business there. Allow PCR Business Systems to help you make the jump to Office 365. We will make the migration process quick and smooth, and our expert technicians are extremely helpful throughout the entire process. Improve security and functionality with Office 365, contact PCR today to get started!

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