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Network Monitoring

You don’t know when someone is trying to attack your network; our services can help.

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How prepared are you for a cyber attack?


Automatic Scanning

Without the advanced IT tools that a professional managed service provider like PCR can offer, your network is always going to be at risk. You don’t know when someone is trying to attack or infiltrate your network IT systems. Luckily, there are precautionary measures you can take to make sure that you are always aware of potential threats.

We offer comprehensive managed IT services which include network monitoring services. With our monitoring services, your network will periodically be scanned to check for threats and issues. You’ll never have to worry about your network being vulnerable because our services will protect you at all times.

How PCR Protects You

With PCR as your IT provider, we are constantly monitoring your network. Our network monitoring system works even when you aren’t. When you are not at your computer, our software monitors your network and runs scans periodically to look for threats or issues that may be present. By taking this proactive approach, we address issues immediately and make sure that your business endures little to no downtime.

We have a simple yet effective network monitoring program. Our approach to network and application monitoring is to monitor, alert, and handle issues at our network monitoring center when they occur.

  • We monitor your network using our software (hardware monitoring, bandwidth monitoring, backup monitoring).
  • Our alert system notifies us immediately if issues are detected.
  • Our team of experts handles the issue promptly, costing your business no downtime.

If you’re not being proactive and consistently monitoring your network, you’re at risk. Our predictive network monitoring services can prevent disastrous situations from happening.

You don’t know when an attacker is present.

If you’re not being proactive, your network is at risk.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Many companies overlook their cybersecurity. When everything is functioning just fine, you don’t see it as necessary to invest in networking monitoring services. However, leaving your network unprotected makes you extremely vulnerable to threats. You can’t afford to wait – being proactive is the best way to ensure that your company doesn’t face downtime and is safe from threats. PCR takes the time to understand your business so that when we do come across a threat, we know exactly how to address the issue.

Looking to Be Proactive and Protect Your Network?

Our network monitoring and maintenance services will give you peace of mind while running your business. The more proactive you are, the better off your business will be. A cyber attack can result in serious downtime and can cost your company a fortune in repairs and legal fees if sensitive information is exposed. Make sure you’re ahead of the curve and reach out to PCR for our comprehensive managed IT services. Working with a professional network monitoring company like PCR, you’ll never have to worry about threats causing harm to your business.