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Why PCR Business Systems?

We don’t specialize in one vertical, we specialize in making technology work for you.

We Make Technology Work For You

At PCR Business Systems, the process that we use to implement technology is what sets us apart. Our process is continually used for a number of businesses in a variety of industries and has been proven to be successful. Our process works for anyone. We don’t specialize in any one vertical; we specialize in making technology work for any business.

Our Process

The process that we follow is what has made our business so successful. Our onboarding process is tight and systematic; no one has it down quite like we do. The technology process that we implement is standard across all customers. By understanding the systems that we work with versus trying to figure out different products for each customer, we can help businesses more efficiently. We implement the same process across all customers’ businesses because we are so confident that it can work for any company.

From there, we have a business discussion with our clients. We ask about their growth plan and then provide them with a plan to achieve their goals. We also provide what is called a “Best Practices Report Card.” Here, we lay out every single technology scenario that could happen and rate the customer at a percentage. After months of working with us, our partners can see their percentages begin to rise. They have fewer problems and don’t need to call the help desk as much. Customers usually start with us at 10%-20%, and after months of working with us, they are rated at 80% or more.

The Best Help Desk in Akron

As you continue to work with us, we review reports each month to see how many tickets are coming in from your business and work with you to eliminate the issues. Our approach is proactive, and we want to work with you to be your business consultants. We aren’t just the company that you call when there is a fire; we are your partner every step of the way.

Allow our team of technicians and customer service experts to become your dedicated provider of help desk services. Improve response time and bolster customer support with a fully staffed, local helpdesk. Our staff is comprised of a wide range of technical experts who answer phone calls live and deliver informed, quality responses to customer questions. Hiring an in-house IT help desk staff is costly and time-consuming; PCR has you covered.

Our Proven Process Makes Us the Best in the Business

Our thoroughly developed, tried and true process to technology management is what makes us the best in the business. With a systematic onboarding process and the technicians who care about the success of each customer, PCR is the IT services company you can trust to handle all of your IT needs. Contact us today to see the PCR Difference.

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