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Learn how you can improve the success of WHO you hire…

Our review of Who, by Geoff Smart and Randy Street

Who Read it? The PCR Leadership Team, with review provided by Amanda Carroll.

Rating: ****

Review: As many of you know, running (or working at) a small business often means wearing many different hats– even if we aren’t exactly experts in each specific area we cover. It can be a challenge not to drag our feet when it comes to accomplishing the dreaded tasks of this component of our jobs.  For me, that dreaded hat is, or at last used to be, Human Resources. HR is far out of my “wheelhouse” and I often look for for resources to gain additional knowledge so that I can improve upon this aspect of my job.

One task that I initially struggled with was the hiring process. Whenever we needed to add staff I would write the job descriptions, post the ads, and then handle the phone screening. I didn’t enjoy it. But a few years back our team and I read the book Who, by Geoff Smart and Randy Street and it laid not only the foundation for our hiring process, but it also guided us to shift away from posting standard job descriptions and towards using scorecards that really define the role of each person in our company.

Top 3 Takeaways from Who…

  1. Improved Interview Process: It is amazing what you get out of candidates when you start asking the right questions! This book gave our Leadership Team a defined process, so we are all on the same page during interviews.
  1. The Scorecard: After reading this book we went back and turned our job descriptions into scorecards, so each employee has MEASURABLE outcomes. This helps to clarify what the expectations for each role in the company is.
  1. Hiring Good Employees is Difficult! Finding the right candidate (especially in the IT Industry) can be a challenge. However, having a defined hiring process that works makes it much easier and gives you a much better chance to find the right fit for your company.

If you are looking to improve your own hiring process, I HIGHLY recommend this book. We have extra copies available so just let us know if you’re interested in reading Who and we’ll send out your free copy asap!

Happy Reading!

Amanda Carroll

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