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Managed Services for Non-Profit Organizations

PCR supports non-profit partners with affordable and flexible IT solutions.

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The Perfect Boost For Non-Profit Organizations

At PCR we take pride in helping organizations that are focused on making a meaningful impact. Since launching the business in 2004, we have worked relentlessly to serve one key philosophy – help make lives easier. Our team currently works with a wide variety of non-profit partners in order to help communities grow and expand.

Whether your goal is to gain more awareness or to generate more funds, you can always count on us to get behind your mission. Every day, we proudly support many of the brightest non-profit and charitable organizations in Akron and Cleveland with state-of-the-art IT solutions. We are laser-focused on helping organizations leverage positive results for the community.

PCR will be there to provide you with access to a highly functional infrastructure; one that gives your workforce the boost that it needs to lead a successful mission.

Affordable Security Technology With Peace of Mind

We know that there are a lot of headaches that come with running a non-profit operation. It’s no easy task to keep these organizations running smoothly, but our team can help make the day-to-day responsibilities so much easier. We work with all partners to help get them the tools that they need, without having to pay the expensive retail prices.

Our partners are always stretching their budgets thin. From fundraising efforts to employee compensations, there’s not a lot of room for technology spending. Cybersecurity doesn’t come cheap, but when you work with PCR, you’re working with a team that will prevent you from breaking the bank.

The PCR team is responsible for supporting infrastructures with equipment that is purely cutting-edge. We provide non-profits with flexible and scalable solutions that cost just a fraction of what you’ll see on the price tag. So with us, you won’t have to worry about wasting money on:

  • Expensive hardware
  • Significant downtime
  • Costly repairs and labor
  • Installations and expansions

We help those that are dedicated to helping others.

At PCR, we proudly support non-profit partners with the technology resources that they need in order to make a positive impact.

Let’s Make a Difference Together

The experts at PCR are always thinking outside of efficient ways to help non-profits prosper.

Whether you are organizing a fundraiser for a local charity or are running a long-running campaign for a national philanthropy, we want to be there to lend a hand to make your effort worth all the while.

PCR is always working around the clock to keep our partners ahead of the curve. By working with our team, you’ll be able to take advantage of several resources that help your operation perform at a higher level. We’ll be there to support your organization with all the right resources including this exclusive variety :

  • Low setup costs
  • Enterprise exchange email software
  • CRM systems
  • Social engineering platforms
  • Network security programs
  • Antivirus and firewall protection
  • Disaster recovery support
  • Mobile fundraising platforms

Be at peace knowing that you have a technology partner that will be there to support you through thick and thin. From the initial installation to day-to-day support, we’ll do whatever it takes to help your efforts shine. With PCR, you will receive much more than just professional technical support. You will gain a partner that is fully committed to helping your organization make an instrumental impact.

Contact us so we can discuss the goals of your mission while setting you up with the tools that bring success to your cause. Schedule a consultation with one of our certified experts today.