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Server Virtualization

It seems like everywhere you go these days, someone is talking about virtualization. Technical magazines trumpet the technology on their covers. Virtualization sessions are featured prominently at technology conferences.

Server virtualization is a software architecture that allows more than one server operating system to run as a guest on a given physical server host. With the server software abstracted away from the physical machine in this way, the server becomes a “virtual machine,” detached from the physical plane — though the server “thinks” it is running exclusively on the compute and memory resources. It’s actually running on a virtual imitation of the server hardware.

Server Virtualization has taken off in recent years, not by chance but because it is a proven technology that can increase organizations’ competitive advantage including yours.

What’s the big deal about virtualization? Why are IT organizations so attached with this technology? The simplest answer is that it saves money.

PCR’s Server Virtualization solutions bring you these benefits:

  • Fewer Physical Servers
  • Lower power and cooling costs
  • Faster disaster recovery
  • Reduced server provisioning time
  • Improved availability and Guaranteed Uptime
  • Lower IT Operating Costs

If you haven’t virtualized, what’s holding you back? Do you think designing and setting up a virtual environment sounds complicated and a lot of work with little payback? If so, consider this: 70 percent of a typical IT budget in a non-virtualized datacenter is spent on just maintaining the infrastructure. Virtualization can dramatically cut those IT costs.

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