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Mindset Book Review

“Leaders are made, not born.”

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Reviewed by Amanda Carroll, Business Development

3 out of 5 stars


The goal of our “Wednesday Reads” series is to spread the word about books that we enjoy and feel will help fellow business owners (and in this case, fellow parents as well).  While I did not actually “read” Mindset, I did spend what felt like endless hours listening to the audio book. I took some valuable information from this book, and I feel it is worth reviewing in case you would like to read, or listen to it as well.

I gave Mindset 3 out of a possible 5 stars because while I do believe the book was informative, I think the main points could have been delivered in half the time. There was too much time spent explaining the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset (and defending it through real life scenarios), and not enough time spent letting the reader know how to actually develop these strategies or how to actually improve a growth mindset.

The main point of the book is that we all need to embrace a growth mindset by focusing our efforts into everything we do. This relates to being a successful parent, student, or professional. Being successful at something doesn’t mean that you don’t have the ability. Instead, we should look at failure as a learning opportunity.

As an employer, I am sure you have met an entitled college graduate who thinks he or she deserves a certain salary based on the degree they have earned or the college they attended. You may also have someone on your team who thinks they deserve a raise simply because they come to work every day. Much of the entitlement we see stems from a fixed mindset.  These individuals have a fear of failure as they have been praised their entire lives and can’t process constructive criticism.

If you are interested in Mindset , but don’t want to dedicate the hours to reading (or listening to) the entire book, I can save you a bit of time by summarizing my key takeaways:

  1. Praise the effort not the outcome: I have heard this before, but this was a great reminder to praise the effort that your kids put into something vs. the outcome.  For example, say something like “wow, you really took a lot of time on that painting. You should be proud of your work.” Instead of, “you are such a good artist.”  My husband and I both listened to this book and are working very hard to instill this growth mindset in our children….Man, this is a TOUGH one!
  1. Failure is part of learning, not an end result: Again, in my own life I think I understand this. It is a nice reminder, but I have tried to apply this so much more with parenting my children. We are working hard to focus on the learning experience with our kids each time they think they have failed or have done something wrong. This isn’t easy either. As any parent will know, turning those tough moments into a learning experience sounds great on paper, but can be difficult in practice. But hey, we are giving it an honest try!
  1. Growth Mindset in Education: This was for me the most interesting takeaway of the book. I loved the outlook of teaching educators to instill the growth mindset in their classrooms. Now, I am not an educator and will never try for one second to position myself as an expert in any way, but the points in this book were very interesting. Dweck really discussed the benefits of teaching the growth mindset in classrooms and the success that can come out of it. Instead of focusing on a test grade, or a color attributed to a behavior, teachers help students focus on challenges they have overcome and actual progress they have made.

More useful information:

I am on a never-ending quest to find fun ways to brainwash (I mean teach) valuable lessons to my children. I came across a list of family-friendly podcasts that our family listens to when we are driving around town… I thought I would share this list with you:


I would love to hear your feedback if you listen to any of these!

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Amanda Carroll
Business Development, PCR Business Systems


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