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Wednesday Reads

Each month we (The PCR Business Systems Team) will discuss a book or article that we’ve found beneficial to our business. We hope that fellow small business owners (and staff) will find this information useful, just as we have.

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“Making the move to PCR is one of the best decisions our company has ever made.”

“We switched to PCR when we outgrew our previous IT provider, and it is one of the best decisions our company has ever made. PCR is able to accommodate our growing needs. It’s almost like they are the heart of our business. Since making the switch, we no longer have to worry about our IT. My time has been freed up to do the things I am supposed to be doing. I don’t even know half of the issues going on because I can trust that PCR will get the job done. Our wireless network was one of our first projects. It wasn’t adequate and was a big mess. PCR came in and put us all on one network. We have had minimal problems since. We also liked that Pat, the owner, didn’t try and oversell us. He laid out a strategic plan for how the PCR team could help our business. PCR has become a household name around here. They are a true partner!”

- Officer Manager , CCG Automation - Richfield, Ohio

“Reliable and professional, they get the job done.”

“Like many businesses, we are totally dependent on the reliability and continued functionality of technology. Without exception, I am able to rely on PCR Business Systems and its employees to handle all of our technology needs. I am particularly pleased with PCR’s availability. Without it, we would be in dire straits. Whenever we have an issue that needs to be addressed, the PCR Team is quick to respond. This is extremely valuable to Day Ketterer. Our firm relies on PCR for their behind the scenes work such as monitoring backups, making sure our servers are working properly and assessing all of our technology so we can focus on practicing law. I am also impressed with PCR’s continued professionalism. Whether it is someone logging into my computer remotely or coming to my office, they are professional, courteous and most important, they get the job done.”  

- David G. Umbaugh Partner , Day Ketterer Ltd. - Canton, Ohio