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“Too many leaders hire mostly for competency and technical skills, but not for cultural fit.” 


In the book The Ideal Team Player, author Patrick Lencioni explains how to recognize and cultivate the “three essential virtues” that real team players possess.

Who Read it?
Pat & Amanda Carroll


Our Take on the Book

Pat and I listened to this book a while back on a road trip. We both particularity enjoyed the way the concepts in this book were presented. Lencioni lays out what he considers to be the three virtues of the ideal team player in the form of a fable about a company leader desperate to save his business. It was nice to hear the concepts discovered and the process evolve told in an applicable setting. The concept is extremely simple, yet we took a TON away from this book that we have applied to improving PCR.

Top Takeaways:

This is an excellent book for leaders trying to build a team of employees who share a common vision. Lencioni’s three virtues that a team player must possess are as follows:

  1. Be Humble: Humility is the single greatest attribute of being a team player.
  2. Be Hungry: Those who are hungry to success almost almost always work harder because they have drive and are self-motivated. This means they rarely need to get pushed by a manager to perform better as they already push themselves.
  3. Be Smart: Being smart refers to common sense and awareness and how people view and work with those around them.


How We Applied this Book: 

If you listen to the audio book, I also recommend buying a hard copy to look back on and reference as well.  The end of the book contains a great section for applying the concepts of this book to your business.

  • Hiring: We were able to apply some of the interview and hiring tips provided and improve our hiring process to really help us find ideal team players for our IT company.
  • Staff Development: Who doesn’t want to develop your staff?  There are some really great ideas for self-assessment and staff development that we have applied to continue to grow our team.
  • Culture: Improving culture is always a big deal to us and incorporating some of the simple concepts has helped us push that along.


Request your FREE copy of The Ideal Team Player!

The Ideal Team Player is a great read for business owners and managers looking to build a successful team and get the most out of their employees. If this book sounds interesting please let us know. We would love to send you a free copy!  Simply fill out the form on this page and we will get one to you right away!


Happy Reading!

Amanda Carroll, PCR Business Systems


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