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Leadership By Dr. William Considine

Wednesday Reads from PCR.

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Leadership By William Considine


Who Read it?
I read the book first, and then purchased copies for my leadership team and had each of them read it as well.

Why I Liked it
Leadership was written by the CEO of Akron Children’s Hospital, Bill Considine. I read (and listen to) a lot of books on business and it is nice to find one written by someone I know in my home town. I have always been amazed that Bill became the CEO of Akron Children’s Hospital in his 30s, and the explosive growth that has taken place since. When I heard he wrote a book I could not wait to get my hands on it. At about 100 pages Leadership is a quick read, with 11 chapters focusing on how to be a better leader.

What I Learned
I took away a list of items that I need to work on all the time.

  1. Leadership is what you do. It is not a title, who you know, or who you are. It takes effort to lead and one bad day can cause a lot of damage.
  2. Leaders dream and know how to make their dreams come true. They communicate those dreams to all in order to make them reality.
  3. Leading means modeling the way forward, never having a bad day, and proving that you put your duties of leadership to others before self.

How to get your FREE copy of Leadership

If you would like a FREE copy simply fill out the form at the top of the page. Please remember to put your address in the comments section so we know where to send the book!

Thanks for reading!

Pat Carroll
President, PCR Business Systems